Situation & Challenge

Dettol becomes the official Hygiene Partner for Dubai Expo 2020.

The brand promise of Hygiene with the Expo 2020’s converssation thrusts of Sustainability, Mobility, and Opportunity had to be communicated..


Leading the Hygiene message at Dubai Expo 2020 by engaging all consumer touchpoints

We planned to take up the Hygiene message across all digital touchpoints of consumer to communicate and deliver the brand promise.


Establishing the brand promise of Protection.

The manifesto of the brand is a Secure, Trusted, & Protected future. This manifesto shall be taken across all digital touchpoints to create awareness, consideration and conversions.

Execution strategy

Instagram, to establish the most intagrammable ice-cream in town

Effective use of Paid Media and Influencers to establish the aesthetic and functional appeal of the product leading to an upsurge of UGC.


Facebook, to be reach around 80% of the audiences.

Facebook was used to optimize reach and capture discovery based audience through snappy short-form content redirecting them to the thematic to land message.


Cohort on platforms to create relevance

Using precision marketing to deliver relevant communication to each differentiated cohort of the TG to drive relevance and engagement numbers.