Spotted! The Cloth Family Is Back to The Mena


Comfort Cloth Family are here For the Grand Throwback!

Situation & Challenge

Comfort has been present on the shelves for years.

However, the brand worked on a great insight:Nostalgia. Comfort brought back the biggest nostalgia: Cloth Family. With too much media noise, we had to think of captivating ways to launch the character Duo and keep them relevant for the people.


We understood that people are always on the go.

Even though the exciting TVC will indulge the consumer. We had to do MUCH more to gain top of mind. We had to be thumb glitching and create a foot stopping moment. We decided to be where the people were MOST OF THE TIMES: In Transit.


Our idea​

Spot the Cloth Family because they’re back in town and what best way to find in transit.


Cloth family was now visiting various spots within the region.

Along with RTA, to be foot glitching at the largest foot fall spot. Ali and Manal travelled the Train Station. They travelled the metro and spread fragrance wherever they went. LITERALLY. From Station to station, people took pictures and spotted the duo take the train like the general audience. The story was picked by Love in Dubai which gained the story even more popularity

We weren’t just done. To double down on the nostalgia and be thumb glitching online, we created digital CGIs showcasing the duo. The Duo was shown near iconic buildings and the fragrance taking over because of duos arrival. This hyper real creation made people take interest and remember the brand when they shopped.


Spotted! the Cloth Family enjoying the landscape of Dubai & KSA

Social media / brand content

Ali and Manal were spotted at Dubai Metro.

Marketing BLOG

And the story was picked by lovin Dubai


Social media to create further pre-hype.


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